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Import vehicles into Burkina Faso C?te D'ivoire - Ivory Coast,Cape Verde,

Import vehicles into Burkina Faso,Côte D'ivoire - Ivory Coast,

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Burkina Faso

Thailand top new and used car 4x4 vigo triton exporter to burkina fasothailand top car importer exporter dealer to burkina faso and west africaBurkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta), a landlocked country in West Africa, has an area of 274,200 sq km (105,869 sq mi), with a length of 873 km (542 mi) ENE–WSW and a width of 474 km (295 mi) SSE–NNW. Comparatively, the area occupied by Burkina Faso is slightly larger than the state of Colorado. Bounded on the E by Niger, on the SE by Benin (formerly Dahomey), on the S by Togo, Ghana, and Côte d'Ivoire, and on the W and N by Mali, Burkina Faso has a total boundary length of 3,192 km (1,983 mi).

Burkina Faso, whose name means “country of men with integrity,” sits at the edge of the Sahel in the heart of West Africa. Despite being one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world, the Burkinabe are known for their hospitality. They have very few natural resources but have managed to fashion a pleasant and culturally sophisticated country out of the little that they do have. Burkina Faso, a landlocked country, is located in the middle of West Africa’s “hump.” Covering 274,000 square kilometers, nearly the size of Colorado, Burkina Faso is bordered on the north and west by Mali, on the northeast by Niger, on the southeast by Benin and on the south by Togo, Ghana, and Cote d’Ivoire. Burkina is a savanna plateau, with an average elevation of 500 meters. The highest point is Tenakourou (747 meters), in the west. Burkina Faso’s three main rivers are the Mouhoun, the Nazinou, and the Nakambe, tributaries that form Ghana’s Volta River.

Ouagadougou, the capital, is home to approximately 1 million people and combines modern and traditional Africa, with many paved streets, a commercial center, and many large government buildings. The residential areas contain large shade trees, packed dirt streets, and walled compounds. There are several artificial lakes (barrages) at the edge of Ouagadougou that serve as the towns water reservoirs. Apart from Ouagadougou, principal towns include Bobo-Dioulasso, Koudougou, Ouahigouya, Kaya, Fada N’Gourma, and Banfora.

Since it is a landlocked country it uses ports of Benin, Ghana, Togo and Ivory Coast.

The port of Cotonou serves as a gateway for the sub-region with many goods –- including almost 350,000 used cars per year -- arriving destined for Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Niger and other countries in West Africa. Formerly among the best ports in the region in terms of the speed at which cargo is unloaded and clears customs, it has faced increasing delays, blamed in large part on corruption. Average processing time to clear a shipment from the port is two weeks. Cotonou's Port has therefore lost market to more efficient regional facilities such as the port in neighboring Lomé, Togo. Port authorities, under the leadership of a new director, have recently made efforts to improve the level of service through opening of a guichet unique, a one-stop processing facility to clear goods through the port. A large-scale port security upgrade is also underway. But these measures did not prevent the car dealers’ sales from decreasing from 3 billions CFA to 1 billion.

Unfortunately, a number of Nigerian criminals, increasingly in collusion with Beninese, use Benin as a base to defraud U.S. companies and citizens with "419" scams (e.g. advance fees), so named for the relevant section of Nigerian law. Potential U.S. investors should contact the Economic Section in Cotonou or the Commercial Section in Abidjan before sending any money or products to potential "partners" in Benin or sending "registration" fees to any purported Benin governmental agency.

Vehicle Importing Procedure

Burkina has no special restrictions regarding type, origin, or age of vehicle to be imported. There is a 46.25% duty on vehicles.

Vehicle Importing Tips

4x4 pickups and SUVs make a lot of sense here because of the poor quality of roads even in the capital city. Only about 20% of all roads in Burkina Faso are paved, and the driving conditions are less than ideal even in good weather.

Order extra tires and commonly used spare parts with your vehicle, as parts for most foreign cars are expensive in BF. You will definitely need extra fuel, oil and air filters. Hose and belt sets, spark plugs, wiper blades, motor oil, fuel injector cleaners and gas treatment mixtures, extra jerry cans for gas and water, etc. are also worth considering.

Most dealers prefer containerized consignment on a through-bill of lading for delivery directly to Ouagadougou via the port of Tema in Ghana or Cotonou in Benin.

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Côte D'ivoire - Ivory Coast

Thailand top new and used car 4x4 vigo triton exporter to C?te D'ivoire Ivory Coastthailand top car importer exporter dealer to burkina faso and west africaThe Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, on the south coast of the western bulge of Africa, has an area of 322,460 sq km (124,502 sq mi). Comparatively, the area occupied by Côte d'Ivoire is slightly larger than the state of New Mexico. Roughly rectangular in shape, it extends 808 km (502 mi) SE–NW and 780 km (485 mi) NE–SW. It is bordered on the N by Mali and Burkina Faso, on the E by Ghana, on the S by the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean, and on the W by Liberia and Guinea, with a total boundary length of 3,110 km (1,932 mi) and a coastline of 515 km (322).

For every importation exceeding a value of 500,000 XOF the importer must file, prior to arrival in the Ivory Coast, an Anticipated Import Declaration Form (Déclaration anticipée d’importation).

Goods entering the Ivory Coast are subject to Pre-shipment Inspection. The Customs Declaration Form must be presented together with the following documents in order to clear customs:

•Anticipated Import Declaration •Clean reports of finding (Attestation de vérification) •Copy of the Bill of Lading •Insurance Certificate•Commercial Invoice issued by the supplier and containing the packing list of the goods

Cape Verde

Thailand top new and used car 4x4 vigo triton exporter to Cape Verdecape verde in West AfricaCape Verde, containing an area of 4,033 sq km (1,557 sq mi), is situated in the Atlantic Ocean about 595 km (370 mi) west of Dakar, Senegal. Comparatively, the area occupied by Cape Verde is slightly larger than the state of Rhode Island. Extending 332 km (206 mi) SE–NW and 299 km (186 mi) NE–SW, it consists of 10 islands and five islets, divided into a northern windward group (Barlavento)—Santo Antão, São Vicente, Santa Luzia (uninhabited), São Nicolau, Sal, Boa Vista, and two islets—and a southern leeward group (Sotavento)—Brava, Fogo, São Tiago, Maio, and three islets. The total coastline is 965 km (600 mi).

The islands have about 450,000 inhabitants. The official language is Portuguese, but the real spoken language of the Cape Verdean people is Crioulo, an original combination of African dialects and Portuguese.

Cape Verde is a member of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). In 1991, import tariffs were organized into a system of 10 ad valorem rates ranging between 5% and 50%. There is a customs tax of 7% and a consumption tax on luxury items ranging from 5 to 60%. The government intended in 1999 to completely remove import quotas but not sure if that happened or not. There are no export controls.