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Import vehicles into The Guinea

Import vehicles into The Guinea

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Thailand top new and used car 4x4 vigo triton exporter to Guineathailand's top exporter to West AfricaGuinea, on the west coast of Africa, has an area of 245,857 sq km (94,926 sq mi), extending 831 km (516 mi) SE–NW and 493 km (306 mi) NE–SW. Comparatively, the area occupied by Guinea is slightly smaller than the state of Oregon. Bordered on the N by Senegal, on the N and NE by Mali, on the E by Côte d'Ivoire, on the S by Liberia and Sierra Leone, on the W by the Atlantic Ocean, and on the NW by Guinea-Bissau, Guinea has a total boundary length of 3,719 km (2,311 mi), of which 320 km (199 mi) is coastline.

Guinea is a signatory of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) which provided for the establishment of a customs union, free trade in services and free movement of capital and persons by 2005.

Between the 13th and 15th centuries, Guinea was part of the great West African empire of Mali stretching from Northern Nigeria to the coast of Senegal. It was during the late stages of this epoch that Fulani herders began migrating south into the highlands of the Fouta Djalon, bringing with them the Islamic faith that eventually spread and now dominates Guinea.

Guinea Import Duty

thailand top 4x4 exporter to guineaGuinea's import duties average 16.4 per cent and range from a low of 2 per cent to a high of 32 per cent. There is little variation among products and the rates show a generally negative escalation from unprocessed products to finished goods. The most protected goods are foodstuffs. The least taxed goods are non-electrical machinery and transport equipment. Guinea also applies other duties and charges such as preshipment inspection fees, which significantly increase the import duty. You can avoid this pre-shipment inspection charge by getting this inspection done at the importing end. A pre-shipment inspection performed by SGS and subject to lodging a “DDI Soumise” which will cost an inspection Tax of 0.90% of the FOB value (if the FOB value of the goods is more than US$3000) with a minimum payment of GNF350.000.

The pre-shipment inspection is done by SGS at point of origin. SGS will issue a few interconnected documents called clean report of finding, “Rapport d’inspection or ICR” in French. This document will then be compiled with commercial invoices and shipping documentation to clear the goods. In this case duties and taxes are prepaid by the importers before SGS releases the cargo, unless otherwise authorized by the customs or the Ministry of Finance.

Normal chargeable import duties, can be up to 38,81% of the CIF Conakry value without extra charges and additional taxes if applicable; Duties in this case follow the clean report of finding performed by SGS in the country of origin. The document (CRF) is faxed to SGS Conakry office by SGS origin country with the real value of the cargo and duties are paid accordingly.

Upon clean report of finding (CRF) reception, your Custom broker can start preparing the entry bills “Declaration en Douane”; document called BDT “Bordereau de Taxation provisoire” according to the values on the CRF form that was issued by the original inspection report office. SGS Conakry office then issues the Final BDT and the file can be submitted to Guinea Customs. The customs procedure and the cargo release procedure will be the same as described above.

A consumption surcharge of up to 70% is also collected on both imports and locally produced goods. Mitsubishi has authorized dealer/service centers in Conakry, although service and parts availability for those models are patchy. Maintenance and repair facilities are limited both in expertise and availability of parts. We recommend that you order most ordered spare parts along with your vehicles and change air filter, oil filters and fuel filters in half the specified time.

Leaded gasoline and diesel fuel are reliably available in Conakry and generally available in Guinea’s interior. Because octane ratings are not high, the performance of engines designed for premium gasoline may suffer. Unleaded gasoline is not available, so catalytic converters should be removed before shipping vehicles to Guinea. Although diesel fuel and leaded gasoline cost roughly the same amount, better fuel efficiency makes diesel engines more economical and a better choice for up-country travel. Fuel theft is not uncommon, so a lockable gas cap is highly recommended.

Undercoating, undercarriage protection, heavy-duty suspensions, and off-road packages are practical options for Guinea. Tubeless tires can be repaired in Conakry, but inner tubes are recommended for up-country travel. Spare parts can be hard to find. Include in your household effects a good supply of belts, filters, gaskets, hoses, headlights, windshield wipers, fuses, power-steering and brake fluids, spark plugs, a distributor, a condenser, and tires. For up-country travel, bring emergency equipment, such as a strong jack, spare tires, tire pumps, jumper cables, winch or tow ropes, first-aid kit, and racks.

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